Aenghus Chisholme

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About the Author

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Aenghus is a clever writer that can turn his hand to anything that he sets his mind to. Throughout his corporate career he has been responsible for writing millions of words to educate and inform people.

In 2011 he decided to turn this talent to something more creative. The result was the first in a series of novels that he is writing, putting a twenty-first century spin on the ancient legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It was published in March 2012. The second and third books in the series are now available online. The fourth is underway as you read this. It is due for publication in December 2014.

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AD517: Arthur the King, is the sequel to the first three books. King Arthur rules the largest monarchy in the history of Briton. Frustrated that he has not yet driven all of the Saxons, Angles and Jutes from the land he embarks on a series of savage battles within his own borders.

Prince Amhar, Arthur’s only legitimate son opposes his father’s tactics and reasoning. Together with his half-brother Mordrede they offer support to the township of Camlann, the site of Arthur’s next planned assault.

Will Arthur wage war against his own flesh-and-blood, risking a schism within his Kingdom to fulfill his desire for country purged of the invaders?