Aenghus Chisholme

Arthur the King AD517

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King Arthur rules the largest monarchy in the history of Britain and yet he is restless. Having failed to rid the country of the invaders he sets upon a series of ethnic-cleansing battles within his own borders.

Opposed by his sons, Crown-Prince Amhar and Sir Mordrede, they win the support of the village of Camlann in order to face-down Arthur and make him abandon his brutal actions.

Merlin the Sorcerer and Morgan Le Fay grapple with a magical spy within the walls of Caerleon Castle, a Kentish Wizard by the name of Ivorwulf. Meanwhile the elusive faeries have their own plans for the intruder.

Live through bloody battles and other-worldly machinations as the actions of each group intertwine and write history in the year AD 517.

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