Aenghus is an innovative writer that can turn his hand to anything that he sets his mind to. Throughout his corporate career he has been responsible for writing millions of words to educate and inform people. Have a look at his profile on LinkedIn.

In 2011 he decided to turn this talent to something more creative. The result was the first in a series of novels that he has now concluded which puts a new spin to the ancient legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It was published in March 2012. The entire series is now completed and all are available as paperbacks.

Not wanting to be typecast as a fantasy writer, Aenghus’s newest novels are written in the style of Agatha Christie and are murder mystery thrillers, with a supernatural twist.

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Coming in early 2018: The Monster of Matlock

Derbyshire, England: Matlock & Matlock Bath are Edwardian towns clinging to the side of a steep and heavily forested gorge. The river Derwent snakes through the valley below. They are an idyllic place to live.

But in the year 1893 something is lurking in the mists that roll down the valley. Hideous and relentless; it is murdering the inhabitants but masquerading the deaths in a fiendish way. The townspeople are divided. Are they victims of a irresistible force or is it just unfortunate happenstance?