Supernatural Murder Mystery

London 1888: The most horrific murders are being committed in Whitechapel one after the other. The police have no clues. The killer eludes them every time. Nobody connects the death of an old Psychic in a grand manor house far from the slums of the inner-city with the spate of murders. But one clever junior detective sees a bizarre similarity. If he can solved the clues it will lead him to unmask, Jack the Ripper.

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Samuel looked down at the body. It was gruesome. Blood had formed a pool around Annie Chapman’s body. The insides of her unmentionable-parts were pulled out through a gash that was cut not just though her body but also through the material of her dress.

“The killer didn’t even wait to get her undressed” he said

“Not really the place for it Governor” responded one of the uniformed men.

“I suppose not” agreed Samuel looking around. This was hardly the place for a woman-of-the-night to engage in a paid-for sex act with a man.

“Have you found anything else at all?” he asked of the men present.

“Nothing Sir, no weapon, nothing”

Samuel was disappointed but not surprised. A killer was hardly likely to leave a calling card. He overcame his disgust at the sight and studied the slashes on Annie’s face more carefully.

“Exactly like the ones on the first victim. I wonder why. Why two cuts to both the left-hand and right-hand side of the throat?” he asked not expecting an answer. One of the men however did oblige with his thoughts.

“Perhaps to stop the victim from crying out?”

“Then why not cut the front of the throat, much more effective than the sides” Samuel countered. Another of the uniformed men offered his theory.

“To bleed the victim to death?”

“You are assuming that the murderer lets his victim bleed to death before performing the……surgery?” Samuel asked, wanting to clarify the idea that the constable was expressing.

“I don’t know; maybe” came the reply.

“The longer that the murder takes to kill his victim the more chance that somebody will discover what is being done” Samuel offered his counterpoint to the hypothesis.

“No, I think that the entire thing is done as quickly as the killer can. He slashes the throat on both sides knowing that the victim will surely bleed to death given enough time, but then makes this huge….incision, a deadly cut in order to get to the insides of the woman. This results in immediate death. It doesn’t make sense.”

“If he is a mad-man then common sense is not really going to be at the forefront of his mind is it sir?” stated one of the men. It could have been thought of as a sarcastic response to Samuel’s musings but Samuel was beyond such trivialities. There was more going on here than could be easily deduced from the body of the victims.