Merlin embarks on a passionate affair with Morgan Le Fay, sister to King Arthur. But the beautiful and other-worldly faerie Nimue has other ideas for Merlin.King Arthur is facing battle with the murderous Saxon overlord Aelle. Meanwhile the self-absorbed ruler of the Faerie people Hellekin, is set to intervene in Arthur’s battle because of Nimue’s involvement with the humans. Causing a situation that may tip the balance of power to the invading warmonger.

Enter a tangled web of intrigue and lust, sorcery and sword fights, as the lives of these mythical figures intersect and irrevocably change the  course of events in the year AD 491.

eBook  ISBN 9780987272010

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AD 491 FRONT COVER - Final Draft


Unnoticed, a small field mouse followed her, keeping to the shadows.

She raised her hand to knock on the heavy oak door, but before her knuckles could make contact with it, the door opened of its own accord.

Ganieda almost raised her eyes in sibling dissuasion.

“Such simple tricks do not impress me Merlin” she said with a mock scathing tone. Walking through the door there stood Merlin. His grey beard neatly trimmed, no doubt just for mine visit thought Ganieda; otherwise he would not be bothered. He was wearing what looked to be a newly made robe, the remnants of his hair tidily falling to just below his ears. He was beaming an open-hearted smile.

“Dear Sister” He said in a crackled old voice. “Ye look as well now as ye did at the wedding”.

“Liar!” Ganieda laughed “I look old and tired, but seeing thee makes me feel young again”. They embraced for a long time.

“Is this a new robe? For mine visit? When hast thou ever cared so much about thine appearance?”

Merlin looked indignant, “The robe is in honour of the season of Imbolc. What other reason could there be?”

They were about to continue the friendly banter when Merlin suddenly changed mood. Ganieda felt his mood alter.

“What is it?” she inquired.  Merlin was looking down at the floor, Ganieda followed his gaze.

“A Faerie! Wretched creature be gone!”

With that warning, he reached into his robes and pulled out a small cloudy white stone. He said something in the old Galatian language and the stone began to glow with a piercing white light. It filled the room.

“There on the floor!” Merlin pointed to the mouse now poking its nose through his doorway. It looked up at Merlin’s accusatory finger, and if a mouse can have facial expressions, looked as though it was shocked, turned and scurried away as fast as it could.

“I should hath known”, said Ganieda, “I felt a magical presence other than thine. At home too, we are bothered by those troublesome creatures. Stealing our grain, causing nothing but disruption for its own sake”.

“I shall cast a spell and turn it into…”, Merlin pondered for a moment, “a chicken, to roast. Then it will hath been transformed into something useful.”

They both laughed at the hollow threat. Faeries are hard enough to catch, much less cook. Having the ability to assume any animal form makes them incredibly hard to detect. And if you do somehow identify a Faerie, then it can transform itself into an owl or a falcon and fly away to safety.