Sir Guaen is being relentlessly pursued by an animated corpse. The Green Knight is an unstoppable killer hell-bent upon Guaen’s destruction, and following that all of the Knights of the Round Table.Merlin and Morgan, Caerleon’s magical beings are helpless whenever the Green Knight is near. How will they overcome an enemy that becomes stronger and more cunning with each appearance during the full moon?

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It rose from the murky depths of the river Usk. A Knight, long since dead, slowly made his way to the muddy shore. The animated corpse had the stench of death oozing from every limb. Its flesh was half rotted away and the chain-mail covering its decayed body was filled with moss and lichens, giving it a green appearance. The lifeless eyes, unable to focus upon the surrounding woodlands, didn’t stop the Green Knight from making its inexorable way towards its destination – Caerleon Castle.


Night was falling. The Knight on guard duty supervising the soldiers on the battlements was feeling a little left out. It was the feast of Beltane in the month of Equos; the celebration to mark the coming of summer. Sir Lamorak wanted to be in the Great Hall enjoying the entertainment and the feasting with the other Knights of the Round Table, however his duties were keeping him here. With a sigh he gazed over the rear wall of Caerleon castle. The hill was quite steep and it lead down to the river, tactically, it would be inadvisable for anyone to attack from that direction. Besides, there was no talk of any immediate threats. Nothing to watch out for; yet here he was on the battlements instead of filling his belly with wine and meat.

If only he had gazed more carefully at the surrounding landscape he may have noticed the green figure in the distance walking slowly toward the castle. The green covering the body of the dead-man gave him a naturally-grown disguise. He blended into the landscape quite well. Nevertheless, if Sir Lamorak had not been so preoccupied with his self-pity there was a chance that he would have seen the forthcoming danger.