Curate your 21st Century life with expert guide Aenghus Chisholme as he brings the best things in life into sharp focus. From the everyday, to the unexpected to the ultra-exclusive. A carefully chosen selection of the very best material and immaterial possessions that may be enjoyed for nothing or obtained with millions of dollars are laid before you to peruse. Choose from the superlative belongings that life offers and realise that the best things in life really do begin with the letter ‘B’.
Currently Unpublished across all paperback and eBook platforms – undergoing rewrites.
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I am very happy to be able to get this particular train journey into my tome. Lucky for me the Orient Express is now part of the Belmond group. Thus, appropriately beginning with a B. There is something magical about traveling by train. I recall a journey taken from the country to the city when I was about four years old. My mother had to take care of some business or another that could only be done in the city and we had to travel from our country town to Sydney. It was an overnight journey. It got me hooked from a very early age. The clatter of the train on the tracks is rhythmic and soothing. A sleeper cabin makes it all the more enjoyable. Your own private little bed from which to slip into a restful slumber to the sounds and smells of train travel.